IMPACT SDW 5035 is a single-sided wireless DECT headset for modern office professionals, providing next generation communication quality, future-proof device flexibility, all-day wearing comfort and advanced security to modern work environments. For all-day users, talk time is extended through increased battery performance and comfort enhanced with headband wearing style and soft leatherette ear pad. IMPACT SDW 5035 meets the challenges of evolving modern workplaces by providing a communication tool that lives up to users’ expectations for multidevice usability, security and seamless customer interaction.

Modern office workers require mobility in the office and the ability to hold ad hoc collaborative meetings. Using multiple devices and often sitting at different desks, today’s knowledge workers demand a flexible, personal communication solution that simply works. IMPACT SDW 5035 helps them meet the future prepared with the ultimate business communication tool.

Key features:
– Crisp and natural sound with super wideband
– Exceptional speech intelligibility
– Sound clarity in high density environments
– Hearing protection from acoustic shock
– Manage all calls from one headset
– Maximum flexibility via one single base station