The belt pack BP 100 V is a portable 1 channel intercom station for connection to a main station MS 200. The integrated spring steel clip allows for easy fixing the unit to clothes. All controls on the front side of the unit are identical to those on the main station. On the rear of the unit all XLR connectors are easily accessible (left on photo the 4 pin XLR connector for the headset and on the right the 3 pin XLRs for signal loop-through to the next station).

The side tone is adjustable. Nearly all features are identical to those on the main station.

The BP 100 V features light alarm and a connection for an external vibration alarm module (only 5 x 4 x 2cm). The connection cable has a length of 80 cm and is equipped with a mini phone plug. The “Vibro Alarm” comes in handy, when the light alarm is not recognized by any reason. The BP 100 V is compatible to other common Partyline intercom systems.